Følg byggeriet/Pictures

Provstehuset 2018
Front Door
Provstehuset June 2017
Provstehuset side view
New trees
PH Apartment
2 Room apartment
Apartment PH
Small apartment
Provstehuset basement
Common Kitchen
Fitness room
Penthouse veiw
Sunroof at Provstehuset
Paint job Provstehuset June 2017
Fresh paint Provstehuset
Terrace Provstehuset
Apartment kitchen
Ikea design
Room Provstehuset
Bed from Ikea
Designed by Ikea Provstehuset
Provstehuset 1 room
Room at Provstehuset


Communal kitchen June 2017 Provstehuset
Stairs Provstehuset 2017
Hall way June 2017
Orange hall
The Penthouse apartments
Sun roof
View of the top
Penthouse veiw
View over Provstehuset
January 2017
January 2017
January 2017
Balcony March 2017
Provsethusetside April 2017
Grand hallway
Sept. 2016
Sept. 2016
Sept. 2016
Sept. 2016
Sept. 2016